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Designing a modern bathroom

Like many designers I love symmetry, and if there’s space for double sinks, this is one of the best symmetrical statements you can make. It creates clean lines and won’t draw the eye away from features you want to be seen. Of course, building constraints such as window positions can’t be helped – having an off-centred freestanding bath filler can still be a beautiful element, especially when in special finishes. If you’re not a fan of countertop bowls, a ‘trough’ style double basin may be worth considering if your preference is for a more industrial vibe. 

If you have the space for a freestanding bath, then make this a striking feature and remember – baths don’t have to be white. Why not have it clad in an unusual material or painted for a pop of colour, or go classic yet show stopping with a copper tub?

When planning a double showering area, if there is just one entrance, ensure it is wide enough to pass through – if not, a double entrance may be worth considering. It’s  also a good idea to have two temperature controls as not everyone likes the same temperature or shower pressure. Something else to think about in the shower is a shower toilet such as the

Geberit Aquaclean. The shower wash is started at the touch of a button. The spray arm moves forward from its park position at an oblique angle. A few seconds later, a pleasant pulsating shower spray at body temperature is felt on the skin. What could be more convenient?

Storage is king, especially in a double bathroom. Nobody wants to have their serene space cluttered with products. Think about the daily usage – do you want space around the basin for products, or a bigger basin for morning rituals? Think about having storage units under double basins, and if there is space, look at tall units – these have moveable shelves so that everyone can have additional space for towels or cosmetics. Opt for a recessed mirror cabinet for extra storage – lots of them now come with integrated shaver sockets. Other elements I would always incorporate are large or separate shower niches or baskets